Yes, I want you to steal her style. Model Emily Ratajkowski looks amazing in everything she wears, but this Victoria Beckham vintage-inspired pencil dress is stunning on her. And of course, the Stuart Weitzman nudist heels that all the celebs just can’t seem to get enough of look fantastic on her as well.Emily Ratajkowski - Source-Popsugar and Instagram - The Luxe Lookbook.jpg.pngRatajkowski was in DC last week with a few fellow celebs attempting to lobby against cutting funding for the arts in education. Unfortunately, according to the model, it was a dog and pony show at best.

The representatives she spoke with gave her the indication that they didn’t actually have the power to affect change or sway votes. It was just another photo op for careers and future campaigns. Such a waste. Not that I was expecting politicos to take a model seriously whose most famous contribution thus far is the music video for “Blurred Lines”.

They probably assumed this was just as much a publicity stunt for her own career as theirs. But the issue itself is important, and what a waste of everyone’s time to not give it the attention it deserves.

Speaking of taking things seriously, let’s move on quickly to talk about what she was wearing instead!

The Luxe Look

Dress: Victoria Beckham Double Crepe Sheath Dress, $2,350

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Sandals, $398 (here and here)

The Luxe Look Total: $2,748


The Luxe Look for Less

Dress: Reiss Valeria Capped Sleeve Dress, $325

Shoes: Sam Edelman Eleanor, $110

The Luxe Look for Less Total: $430


The Luxe Look for Even Less

Dress:Stop Staring! Evie Fitted Dress, $96

Shoes: Chinese Laundry Jealous Sandals, $70

The Luxe Look for Even Less Total: $166


The Luxe Look for a Steal

Dress: ModCloth Cove Conference Dress, $55

Shoes: Michael Antonio Lovina Sandals, $50

The Luxe Look for a Steal Total: $105




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