Will athleisure really ever go out of style? It’s pretty much the new jeans and a t-shirt, but now the A-game’s been brought by enough other people that you can’t just walk out of your place looking like a bum anymore (although I’ve seen some of you do it. Get it, girl. Go on with your bad self.) Thank all that is holy I survived my showing up to class in PJ’s (yes, I definitely did this) phase when people were still too bashful to post pics of other people on social media. Victory!\n\nKarlie Kloss is definitely one of the current social media fashion A-gamers I’m talking about. Even when she’s dressed down, she’s on point. Exhibit A: This week she stepped out in literally a t-shirt, white pleat tennis midi skirt, and sandals and she. looks. flawless.\n\nKarlie Kloss - Photo credit-Celebs Today - The Luxe Lookbook\n\n\n\n

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Karlie Kloss – Photo credit-Celebs Today

The Look ~ Top // Skirt // Sandals // Bag: Carolina Herrera custom // Sunglasses

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  1. Molto “fresco” questo look di Karlie. Sempre attuali le fantasie floreali purchè siano sempre delicate e raffinate. Secondo me solo di giorno .

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