For her Fall 17 RTW collection, Miuccia Prada took us on a journey back to the 60’s and 70’s to ruminate on where we as women have been. She cautiously did not want to make overt political statements, but this collection is covertly in response to the current political and social rumblings that are once again challenging the rights of women as well as the respectful perspective of women’s roles in society and their own lives. The show space was lined with dorm room posters with films and books read by those youth looking to inspire change and revolution. Does Prada want to remind us of the days we all had that fire in our belly?

Monica Feudi-Indigital

The clothes were, of course, just as thought-provoking as the vision. The show kicked off with loosely kitting corduroy flares with crochet bra tops, scarves wrapped around the neck, newsie hats, and neon fur belts. Tweed and leather jackets were paired with angora skirts embellished with beads in a floral motif. Ostrich feathers bubbled along the hemlines of cocktail numbers in coral, canary, and turquoise.

Monica Feudi-Indigital
Monica Feudi-Indigital

The coating was spectacular. Tweed, of course in every checked pattern with fur complementing a few. And there were these phenomenal panel coats with a painting-like bottom half panel with florals in shades of basil and pops of cherry, of course lined in a light grey fur at the hem. Another coat had a similar panel concept with silver beading florals instead of the painted effect.

The free spirit that still dwells somewhere inside me is in love with this collection. For those that knew me in my adolescence can probably remember the days of my fashion creations and carefree attitude as displayed in my vibrant wardrobe. And these looks are so reminiscent of that perspective, but in a much more refined manner than my thrift shop chic meets self-sewn 16 year-old self could muster. And I was definitely of the youthful viva la revolucion mind. Thank you, Ms. Prada for reminding us that high fashion is not synonymous with perfection, or normal, or on trend, or “in”. And wow, you make good clothes.



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