Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the latest cover model for Glamour UK’s June edition, and she opened up about what it’s really like to be a social media starlet. While we just see total perfection and a bar set so high most IRL can’t possibly live up to (another topic she also worries about), Rosie explains that it takes 100+ shots, tons of editing, and filtering to post that one perfectly curated moment that just happens to look natural.

Guy Aroch for Glamour

The Look ~ Top: MSGM // Bikini Bottoms: Rosie for Autograph // Earrings: Astley Clarke

Irony, as you’re scrolling through her absolute perfection images for Glamour UK, wondering how much of this is airbrushed.

Guy Aroch for Glamour

The Look ~ Suit: Rosie for Autograph // Earrings: Jacquie Aiche // Earrings: Astley Clarke // Earrings: Astley Clarke

Guy Aroch for Glamour

The Look ~ Kaftan: Camilla

Women's clothing
But the model worries about this new generation that’s growing up on social media, and how they are being influenced to believe that this is the norm…the standard. And really, it’s not the standard at all, but the latest version of the magazine fakeout that’s been quietly tormenting women from almost every age ever since…the 90’s? I’m not sure when airbrushing every single imperfection and not just waist size became the norm. The airbrushed perfection that nobody can attain, not even the model herself. Still, it can’t be denied just how amazing Rosie looks whether it’s in her paparazzi street style game or slightly retouched Glamour editorial.

Guy Aroch for Glamour

The Look ~ Dress: DSquared2 // Rings: Jacquie Aiche and Anita Ko

Guy Aroch for Glamour

The Look ~ Sweater: Isabel Marant

See Glamour’s cover editorial here.



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