An Italian cobbler who has mastered the craft of making beautiful, feminine, impeccably-crafted shoes, Francesco Russo has created an unparalleled collection. Known as a prodigy in the cobbling craft, Russo has quite the credentials in his career history. He started his career in Milan, working for Costume National and Miu Miu before moving to Paris. There, his talents continued to shine, creating gorgeous looks for YSL and Sergio Rossi, where he was creative director. Last year, Russo decided to go solo, and his collection is not disappointing.

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Francesco Russo’s Private Collection

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For the ultimate luxe experience, you can actually work directly with Russo at his shop in Paris, 8 Rue de Valois, right near the Louvres. What I love about this is that he doesn’t have a traditional boutique. In fact, the shoes are marginally showcased. Russo’s focus is much more on the experience between himself and the client. “Here the creator, in conversation with the client, designs custom-made and one-off pieces, on an individual basis.” – Francesco Russo. If you can’t take advantage of the one-on-one experience with the designer, you can still find selections of his collection carried at Bergdorf Goodman as well as a few other high end stores around the world.

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Francesco Russo’s Other Notable Works


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