Milan Fashion week wrapped, and the fashion frenzy moved North to lovely Paris. The pace is only going to pick up, so here’s hoping those models have strong coffee. Here are the best luxe looks of day one for Paris Fashion Week!\n\n\n\nChristine Phung showed sporty yet feminine looks with white, black, grey and a few pops of orange. Diiscrete geometric designs were worked into the fabric, adding a modern element to a few classic silhouettes.\n\n

\n\nSheer paneling mixed with the ever-so-slightly oversized construction made up the majority of the Lea Peckre collection. I loved the fact that despite sheer looks, the collection still felt just a touch masculine. It seemed to strike a well-edited balance between masculine construction and feminine design elements. Subtly toying with conventions, Ms. Peckre? I like what you did there.\n\n \n\nPascal Millet showed a collection of bold, tropical floral prints, and monochromatic looks of leather, knit and sheer laid back looks of luxury. Off-the-shoulder, plunging necklines and bra tops added an element of sexiness that made the collection seem perfect for jetting off to somewhere tropical to avoid this brisk cold weather threatening to terrorize us!\n\n \n\nThe Anrealage show was a true example of art meets fashion. Kunihiko Morinaga designed the looks to “cook” on the runway. Each look started out as crisp black and white ensembles of cotton and lace that as they walked through high powered lights on the runway, would heat designs into the fabric. Amazing display of creativity and innovation.\n\n \n\nStriped denim with a nautical flair met with sexy chic silhouettes in the Anthony Vaccarello collection. Steamy, sultry, but perfectly tailored looks revved up the sex appeal so high, I had to be crafty and selective with my best luxe looks. Afraid I was going to see the good china in a few of those looks! Still love them – I would just never dare to bare that much of myself, but good on the ladies who have that kind of confidence.\n\n \n\nMy favorite collection of the day was created by designer Yiqing Yin. Luxurious jacquards and silks were heavily worked into almost shabby chic looks that looked effortless, carefree and absolutely chic.\n\n

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