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Alon Livne is an Israeli fashion designer who has taken the style society by storm recently. With quite the credentials, it is no surprise that Alon Livne has proven his talent after having worked at Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli as well as winning Project Runway Israel. Livne recently showed his collection at MBFW to much acclaim.
In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Livne described his aesthetic as a fusion of geometric and organic shapes. His thought is to design something futuristic, and he prefers to work from an artist’s perspective rather than commercial. His S/S 2014 and S/S 2015 collections certainly reflect this aesthetic with these insane looks:

One of Paris Hilton's faves from Alon Livne's spring 2014 collection. The celebrity called him one of her favorite new young designers (Courtesy Alon Livne Instagram)
2014, Courtesy of

I love the intricate, but sparing details as well as the simplicity in design and cut of these gowns. They are beautiful without a ton of embellishments or design elements. It is no surprise that Alon Livne has caught the eye of many celebrities, styling for the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, as well as many Israeli celebrities.

The famed Paris Hilton Instagram shot, with Hilton wearing an Alon Livne original (Courtesy Paris Hilton Instagram)
Paris Hilton in Alon Livne, Courtesy of

Things are only looking up for this stellar designer. I can only hope to see Alon Livne shoes, purses and accessories someday.



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