Interior designer Joan Behnke’s aesthetic is somewhere between old world provincial and modern luxury. What makes her so special is her approach to finding the aesthetic and collection of her designs. She attempts to take her clients on a journey to experience and immerse themselves in the style and culture of the selected aesthetic. She took a couple to Paris to walk the Grand Palais to appreciate the aesthetic of the style of art she intended to place in their home.
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Behnke is also a bit of a collector and curator, always seeking the provenance of just the perfect piece for the complete design.

Her designs are meticulously thought-out, yet display a great balance of beauty and comfort – a laid back luxury that makes all of her rooms seem warm, inviting and well-loved. One of her clients described her as a cultural scientist more than designer, as she approaches her work in a vastly different way than most interior designers.

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Instead of working on her own, avoiding too much client interference after the process has begun, she prefers for the process to be a client-focused experience. As a result of her unique and inviting approach, Behnke has become a sought out designer to the elite – celebrities, billionaires, fortune 500 companies, and even aided in the design of the Saudi royal family’s Riyadh estates. Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady’s home is a beautiful example of Behnke’s allure:

The home seems like it could be a luxury resort – a plush retreat providing respite from the fast pace of everyday life. She designs her homes to be havens of comfort, sophistication and luxury. Here are a few more works by Joan Behnke that show her luxurious, chic and laid back designs:


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