This is a trend I never thought would come back. Alas, here it is…the fanny pack returning to “in” status by designers Chanel, Gucci, Lagerfeld, etc. And one celeb who has definitely picked the trend up and run with it is Fergie. Every time I see a photo of her, she’s wearing that quilted Chanel fanny pack.

So…Luxe it or Leave it? Is this trend a keeper or will you pass? 

Fergie - Courtesy of

Fergie - Courtesy of
Fergie – AKM-GSI

Fergie - Courtesy of


  1. Personally, I hate this trend and I would never wear one. I’m always amazed by how many people will follow trends when they are just bad…

  2. Luxe it! Not many people are wearing the fanny. I can only imagine how convenient it is with a baby too!\n\nCheck out my blog! Possibly give it a follow!\\n\nXo

  3. Trickiest question ever. I love and hate the fanny pack. But I hate Fergie… Sooo if Kate Moss were wearing a fanny pack I’d prob be all about it.

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