Mr. Luxe and I are both self-proclaimed foodies, although he wasn’t this way until we started dating five years ago. I replaced dinners at chain restaurants with local restaurants run by innovative chefs, and Mr. Luxe immediately saw the light. Do you remember that moment in life when your palate had graduated to recognizing the taste of frozen foods v. fresh foods? And preservatives? Once I made that realization, I craved and sought new local, fresh cuisines. So of course, when I met Mr. Luxe, I had to bring him into the foodie fold. Coming from a town rich in food culture paired with Mr. Luxe’s appetite for adventure led to an easy conversion into a pretentious foodie couple. Yes, yes…I know we’re ridiculous!\n\nSince we’re having a destination wedding, we’re not really looking to do a reception, per se. We’re instead having an intimate dinner party for the small group of people attending. So choosing a restaurant that can meet our expectations and provide a great experience was important. This is the restaurant:\n\n\n\n

\n\nHere are a few pieces of eye candy from the restaurant we selected….\n\n \n\nBut the most exciting part of the dinner? The cake! I love the rich, vibrant henna style cakes and didn’t need to do much to convince Mr. Luxe. He loved the idea! So here were a few inspiration photos that I found…\n\n \n\nAnd here is the cake we chose. With a smaller group, we’re going to have a 3-tiered version of this divine piece of artistry. Maybe we’ll even bring ourselves to eat it too…\n\n©2013 Cake Central Media Corp. All rights reserved.

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