While fashion is a passion, I equally love to travel. I was bitten by the travel bug very early in life. I fell so deeply in love with Turks and Caicos Islands at 11 years old that I threatened to handcuff myself to a vehicle rather than get in the plane to go home. Yes, perhaps a bit dramatic, but I get a similar urge almost every time I travel as an adult.
The experiences of different cultures, languages, fashion and food are always so exciting to me, and I always feel like I come away from the trip a little happier, newly inspired, and with a better perspective. Someone once told me I was aesthetically driven….that I somehow get energized by being surrounded by beauty. I guess that makes sense considering how much I love art, architecture and fashion.

Several years ago, I traveled to the west coast for the first time. My now husband was taking a business trip and invited me to go along, meet his family and take in the sites while he was working. He booked a room at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

When we arrived, I knew this was really going to be an enjoyable experience for me. The grounds are perfectly kept, and there is a focus on serene outdoor comforts, thanks to the forgiving San Diego weather. I wasn’t going to be cooped up in a room on this trip (although the room was lovely).

The Resort - Courtesy of Rancho Bernardo Inn
The Resort – Courtesy of Rancho Bernardo Inn

Every morning, as my husband rushed off to his conference, I lounged on our balcony overlooking a beautiful fountain, creating the most peaceful sound as the sun rose.

Room with a View - Courtesy of Rancho Bernardo Inn
Room with a View – Courtesy of Rancho Bernardo Inn
View from Room
View from Room

I explored the grounds and fell in love. Everywhere I turned, there were little hidden gems – gardens, private pools, a golf course, a spa with cabana style treatment rooms and the most beautiful pool and jacuzzi area, walled in for privacy with ivy, foliage and tall shrubs.

I booked a massage and facial at the spa, and oohhhhh, was it a treat. They put me in a plush bathrobe with slippers, and sent me to the waiting room, a lovely sun room with comfortable lounge chairs and fruit infused water and tea. I was already fully relaxed when they took me back to the treatment room. I was pampered from head to toe, and I can say I haven’t been that relaxed and at peace in years.

After the treatment, I was able to use the spa pool and jacuzzi for the rest of the day. Oh, and did I. The saline pool felt amazing, and the poolside service was fantastic. By the time my husband got “home” for the day, I was fully plied with sun, pampering, and amazing food. If only my life could be like that everyday, I’d have no cares in the world.

Each meal we ate at the resort was lovely. Breakfast was fantastic with strong coffee (perfect for an addict like myself), and the best juevos rancheros we’d ever eaten. There was plenty of beautiful outdoor space for dining, and it was rare for us to take a meal inside.

The entire stay was amazing and the service was impeccable. I can’t wait to go back!



  1. I love your blog because you talk about fashion and travel and these are two of my favourite things. How do you get so many likes on your blog?

  2. Reblogged this on Illuminati Gossip and commented: \nI have been here as well..Anyone out on the West Coast and nearby should make it a point to stop by. This is a stellar site@luxelookbook, and I encourage all to check it out…Pretty, pretty things and a great travel resource.(These are a few of my favorite things….)

  3. Beautiful. People are cheating themselves if they dont travel. I am going to the Sea of Cortez for the 1st time in Sept.

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