Christina Mertz started SwanfieldLiving in Copenhagen as a small interior design firm that may be young, but is making quite a name for itself. The company takes on luxury residentials as well as commercial and overseas projects.

I imagine work wouldn’t feel like work at all if an organization’s interiors were designed by Mertz. Her philosophy is to always create a timeless approach – to merge the elegance of classic style with new contemporary interiors. The result is understated elegance in a chic, yet comfortable space.

Turkey Project – Photo by Jonas Lundberg and Anna Truelsen

When I asked what inspires Mertz, her response was very telling about her tailored approach to design. “It’s always the culture and locale of each house…. Secondly it is the architecture of the house. Is it an old historical building or new? The details of the house inspire me to make mood boards that suit the home best.”

Swanfield Living Interior Decorating
Vedbaek Project – Courtesy of SwanfieldLiving

SwanfieldLiving is not a one-size-fits-most kind of design company. The team does not create pretty spaces from a singular point of view regardless of the history and pedigree, if you will, of the home. Instead Mertz and her design partner, Anja Laursen develop inspiration and design ideas from within the individual space itself.

The team draws up floor plans, combines them with the mood board, and then hand selects all of the textiles, furniture and finishings to execute their custom vision of the space. No matter the project, the result is consistently a beautiful and relaxing space with a bespoke luxury touch.

Sandefjord - Courtesy of SwanfieldLiving
Sandefjord – Courtesy of SwanfieldLiving

While they take on varied project types, Mertz says her most enjoyable endeavor is always a blank slate. And every designer has their favorites. Mertz spoke of her personal favorite – a blank canvas project in Sandefjord, Norway. The clients just bought a house from the 1920’s and saw SwanfieldLiving in a Scandinavian magazine. “They loved our style and they trusted us from day one, so we could work and be as creative as we wanted. That was a dream job for us.” Apparently, it was a match made in heaven, as the clients had tears over how much they loved the finished space.

Swanfield Living Interior Decorating
Vedbaek Project – Courtesy of SwanfieldLiving

SwanfieldLiving staples include lots of texture – wallpaper, complex textiles, and area rugs juxtaposed with sleek glass, wood or metallic finishes to create a perfect, comfortable balance. Mertz and her team truly have an eye for chic luxury interiors. If I ever hire an interior designer, this team is going at the top of my list.



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