I recently discovered style and beauty blog, Maskcara. The blog’s author Cara is a stunning natural beauty who shows us how to create fabulous looks through her tutorials.\n\nI love the clean, sun kissed look she’s going for with her winter tutorial. Seriously gorgeous. She even somehow manages to make liquid liner look more natural. She chose a muted lip which contrasts beautifully with the peachy blush and highlights, making her skin look like porcelain.\n\nThe best part about her tutorial? If I want the exact look, all I have to do is order the custom palette she’s already put together in a capsule. I’m a bad makeup shopper (I get lost in a sea of colors!), so I love this concept.\n\nCheck out her full post here with all of her photos and step by step instructions.\n\nMaskcara2\n\n

\n\nPhotos by Jessica Janae | Maskcara\n



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