If Karl Lagerfeld were a designer on Project Runway, his Spring 16 Couture collection would be his looks for an unconventional materials challenge created around using only materials found from a cotton and paper mill._CHA0869It seems like a far-fetched fantasy (putting Karl Lagerfeld, Heidi Klum, and Tim Gunn all in the same room to create something amazing out of crazy sources), but Chanel actually put out an eco-conscious couture collection. And it’s surprisingly fabulous.

After two bustling shows at a casino, and then an airport, Lagerfeld decided to take a new direction this season, creating a serene and thoughtful garden of zen with a wood pavilion, water lily ponds, and perfectly placed stepping stones over lush green grass. The looks were created using recycled paper products, yarn, wood chips, and even wild cotton. Sounds like a craft project, right?
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Lagerfeld and his team show incredible talent in their ability to apply the signature Chanel looks to any medium, and do so with polish and grace. Bouclé jackets, white rounded collars and pencil skirts were staples of the collection, and all surely created with painstaking effort to be just as chic, wearable, and covet-worthy as Chanel looks created with conventional materials. Classic and vintage silhouettes created both a chic and nostalgic vibe in color palettes of nude, black, blue and white.

The evening looks were stunning and a bit sexier than I’ve seen from Chanel lately. Several plunging necklines paired with softer, more flowing silk and charmeuse to create a more relaxed, sensual version of Chanel. Less buttoned up formality. Shoulders were bared with geometric cut tops embellished with stunning gold and black beading.

The technique to create these looks had to be incredibly time consuming, but the impact is stunning and thought provoking.