Elie Saab took inspiration for his Spring 16 Couture collection from an early 20th century Englishwoman traveling to India. My imagination is spinning with the opulent, vibrant visuals of A Little Princess. Remember? The concept is realized through Westernized versions of saris – mini dress versions with an over-the-shoulder drape with ornate yet bohemian lacework, beading and embroidery. KIM_0218The dresses are youthful instead of the formality you’d assume would be present with his choice of inspiration. Plunging necklines, shorts, mini dresses and relaxed maxis are the staples of what is one of my favorite Saab collections. He brought some edge to the otherwise delicately feminine looks with lace up military boots and metallic belts.

As for the gowns, they were just longer versions of the already intricately beaded day looks. But let’s be real, any Elie Saab is going to be a wow piece. I just don’t think he has it in him to do simple. And thank goodness, because I don’t want him to do anything other than what he is so talented at – creating jaw-dropping intricate garments. There are definitely a few stunners that I’m sure we’ll be seeing on the red carpet. At least I hope!





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