Heidi Klum exudes fabulous in pretty much every look she puts together. A supermodel with a taste for luxury but a fun personality, everything she wears is chic, interesting and perfectly accessorized. I have many favorite Heidi Klum looks, but her recent love affair with all things fringe is suiting her very well. She looks fabulous in all of these looks!

I’d love to tell you how to get that amazing blue ombre fringe dress…but alas, it’s one of a kind from Project Runway made by Sean Kelly. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some knock offs next season. Let’s go for something Heidi Klum chic with the all black Michael Kors fringe dress.

Heidi Klum wearing Michael Kors - courtesy of Stylebistro.com
Heidi Klum wearing Michael Kors – courtesy of Stylebistro.com
Fashion home run: Heidi showed off her supermodel figure in the clining dress, which sported a low-cut neckline and tassels at the hem and sleeves
Courtesy of dailymailonline.com

Prime spot: Heidi displayed her toned legs as she sat front row at the showHats off to Heidi, she makes that look good. I can only hope that after having children, I’ll have the same amazing shape with no apparent effort. Dear genetics, I tentatively hate you. We digress. Anyhow, the look is simple, sexy and flattering.  So how much does this fabulous look cost?Heidi Look

The Luxe Look ~ Dress: Michael Kors $3,295 // Shoes: Christian Louboutin, $675

Luxe Look Total: $3,970


Luxe Look for Less

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal // Shoes: Calvin Klein

Total: $191

Luxe Look for a Steal

Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Missguided

Total: $114





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