Quiet and nerdy avant garde is perhaps the best way I can describe Alessandro Michele‘s creations for the Gucci Fall 2016 RTW collection. I can’t say that many of the looks are truly ready to wear, unless worn by that one kooky lady (we all know at least one) with a ridiculous amount of disposable income and an over the top aesthetic.

It was a dizzying mashing of artistic moments. Think Renaissance, street style, 1970’s, Catherine de Medici, 1980’s…it’s a lot to digest. Perhaps more an art show than a fashion show, it was all dazzling, in a geeky, I’m so not sure what to think about this look kind of way. It left me pensive.

I remember a time not so long ago when I celebrated self expression above everything else. I was young, bright eyed, and optimistic. I was open, accepting, and I loved art. I loved fostering artistic expression in other people. Michele’s collection is not discrete. It cannot really be described as chic or sophisticated.

But I still want to celebrate it. It is stirring that flower child buried somewhere deep in my psyche. It makes me want to hug Michele and tell him to keep creating. Keep designing.



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