The Christian Dior Fall 2016 RTW runway was in many ways, a moment frozen in time. Since Raf Simons’ departure, the helm of the label has not been taken over yet by a new director. Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux have been charged as placeholders, and have not taken the brand in any major new directions.Christian Dior - Yannis Vlamos - Indigital23.jpgInstead, this season’s runway felt very much confined to the minimalist basics Simons was known for. Classic silhouettes were safe within the bounds of the Dior aesthetic, with a focus on black suiting and jackets. A few pencil skirts popped into the collection, adding to the semi-vintage vibe.

It was a continuation of the S/S 2016 collection’s techniques, with the wide V, almost off-the-shoulder folded neckline. If you’re going to go basic, you have to make it gorgeous, and keep the tailoring impeccable. Meier and Ruffieux accomplished both this time.

Like several of the major fashion houses, knit became a focus of experimentation in their collection this season, with a bubble sleeve sweater as well as a stellar beige color block mini dress with a fold down tube off-the-shoulder neckline.

Nothing ground breaking, but Dior precise, and luxurious. Better than last season, and safe since we haven’t seen the new director, or where the want to take the label.

But my favorite part about the collection? Those incredible shoes.



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