Little Luxe and I have a shopping habit. It seems to get worse when we’re together. We were out to lunch with some friends the other day, and we happened to walk by a new storefront to a small local boutique, and a dress caught our friend’s eye. We couldn’t resist!

Little Luxe in White Dress - The Luxe Lookbook6.jpg

So we stopped in, and Little Luxe ended up with a full haul – this white lace dress, which I love on her, as well as these handmade musical note earrings, and the white druzy necklace. As a passionate french horn player, Little Luxe fell in love with those earrings.

Seriously, every time I turn around, she’s impressing me.

So she put it all together, added a pair of black leggings and a colorful pair of sandals and voila, her next OOTD! So glad to find such a cute outfit and support a local boutique!





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