Mr. Luxe and I love to travel, and so far, his most epic vacation was the summer that I got to introduce him to Europe. We rented apartments in Paris, a few German towns, and Amsterdam, and I got to see his eyes (and palette) open up to an entire other way of life.

Amsterdam Apartment - The Luxe Lookbook
Amsterdam apartment – Courtesy of

I think that’s when I pretty much knew that he was THE MR. Luxe. Instead of getting caught up in the logistics of travel, the heat, the stress, the chaos, etc. that can quickly consume an ill-experienced traveler, Mr. Luxe smiled at everyone he met, tried and failed, laughing to speak their language, and genuinely savored every experience exactly as it was.

We loved hitting all the local shops, and it was actually in Amsterdam that I first discovered the brand Desigual. So fitting that in a city with such a coloful nightlife I would find a brand that makes pops of color their bread and butter.Luxe in Desigual6I loved the fact that it was so cloudy on the day we took these since that was pretty much the only weather we experienced in Amsterdam. I’m actually convinced the sun never shows its face in that city.

While this black and red floral print dress is from a couple seasons ago, they have even better styles in stock now. I’m really liking their current collection.

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