I’m ath-late on athleisure

You know, it honestly took me a while to warm up to athleisure. The idea of wearing sneakers with a chic outfit rather than heels just didn’t cut it for me. In hindsight, that may have more to do with my height than my global sense of fashion propriety. But just as I am cozying up to the idea…whoosh, it’s evolving again. I’m totally late on this scene.




Bottega Veneta goes Vintage Meets Ath-Luxe

Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta takes his Resort 2017 to a merge of laid back leisure with well-tailored looks. Tracksuits are hinted at in the piping of long trenches.  And these are balanced with the classic silhouettes of cool, semi-saccharine toned, vintage-inspired skirts and dresses. The collection had an air of Edward Scissorhands – the 60’s silhouettes, the monochromatic popping bright colors, the emphasis on heavy fabrics and exact tailoring. Skirt lengths are all the same – just below the knee, and level of propriety has an old(e) English feel. Kind of loving it.

Haute Jersey?

An interlude of a jersey gown and grey tweed-esque crepe evening looks with minuscule pops of coral and raspberry in one square neck dress as well as a plunge neck with empire waist and pops of coral, blue, and green are absolute perfection.



Snuggle Up

The collection ends with two pastel fur robe coats, which, why not? Spring 2016 brought back duster coats. Why not take the house coat to a full on robe in public? Especially if it’s pastel pink with stripes. For as serious and proper as this collection started, it ended squarely and heavily on the opposite spectrum, and I have to admit, I laughed. It does look quite cozy.




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  1. Completely in love with the colors and the fabrics. The idea of a jersey gown is terrific! They way they completed many of the looks with Mary Janes gives even more that 60’s vibe. Great post 🙂

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