Very few people on this earth have that perfect combination of style, creativity, means, innovation, and exact tailoring that culminate in fashion magic.

For everyone, it’s perhaps different moments that they can pinpoint- those lighting strike moments of pure brilliance on the runway. Or in this case, the posed editorial. The marriage of Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld for the Fendi Resort 2017 collection creates such energetic magnetism.

Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook12
Fendi – Courtesy of Fendi


Motifs were nonsensical with plenty of whimsy, but this was squarely balanced with a fusion of high tech and impeccable graphic design. A white and red stripe and check pattern was splayed out on a pleated midi dress, and full skirts paired with cropped jackets, all giving a very Alice in Wonderland feel.

Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook
Courtesy of Fendi

Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook1
Courtesy of Fendi


Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook4
Courtesy of Fendi

Colors were vibrant, and yellow continues to make a prominent stance, along with pops of sea foam and blue in wavy graphics. Flirty ruffle sleeves were combined with an off-the-shoulder top as well as a trapeze mini dress.

Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook14
Courtesy of Fendi


Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook13
Courtesy of Fendi


Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook8
Courtesy of Fendi



Courtesy of Fendi

And you know how every celebrity has been carrying the Fendi fuzzball that is just so adorable lately? Well, the final look was a duster coat – another favorite recent trend of mine, that is actually a shaved mink crocheted netting replete with the Fendi fur  as flowers and butterflies.

Fendi - Courtesy of Fendi - The Luxe Lookbook17
Courtesy of Fendi


And did you see those shoes?! Go back. Look at the shoes. Just a stellar collection all around!




  1. I unfortunately paid more attention to the shoes because they were all the same style, just different colors 😂

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