Louis Vuitton took the Resort 2017 collection runway to Rio – just a few months shy of the Olympic games, in a city abuzz with anticipation. The show took place at the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, and the fashion house created a landscape of found object seating that nodded to the curvature of museum as its impressive architectural backdrop. One look at the runway, and I knew this was going to be good.Louis Vuitton fashion show - Photo credit - Louis Vuitton - Instagram - The Luxe LookbookAs the seats filled in, several celebrities were among them, increasing the crowd’s excitement, including Zendaya, Alicia Vikander, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jaden Smith.
And you know how I was wondering if athleisure was out with the Resort 2017 collections? Louis Vuitton says absolutely not! All sport for LV! Well, almost all. There were a few cute mini dresses mixed in.

Model walking in Louis Vuitton runway show wearing deconstructed athletic skirt and jacket - Photo credit Fernanda Calfat - Getty - The Luxe Lookbook7
Louis Vuitton – Photo credit Fernanda Calfat – Getty

The concept was to bridge functional and casual sport clothes with elevated sophistication. Color blocking and cutouts were major themes as well as high tech materials like neoprene, and parachute nylon.

Form v. function was to be debated with some of the looks, especially the deconstructed wetsuit skirts. But still, there was something strangely nostalgic and enjoyable about these pieces.

Tightly ruched v-neck parachute dresses were incredibly complex, with rip cords, cargo pockets, snap closures, and thick leather straps, but impeccably tailored and edited. These will certainly be popular with the celebutante crowd as well as the suede cutout mini dresses that almost felt directly intended for the Jenner/Kardashian types.

Almost every piece was a standout on its own, but other personal favorites included the and the hazelnut toggle biker jacket.

As for accessories, the sparkly silver scarves are fantastic, and you’ll probably see a few young celebs rocking them pretty soon. I loved the bags, including the boom box bag, which apparently they’re going to release one which will actually play music. Love! We’ve come full circle. And of course, I love the shoes, as silly as they are.



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