Fashion savant Alessandra Ambrosio stepped out in Paris this week to walk in the Balmain runway show. Of course, her street style was Balmain and on point, as she was working one of my favorite up and coming style trends – the minimalist suit.

Pair a sleek blazer over a tee, tank or bodysuit with a pair of skinny jeans, or like Alessandra wore, some ripped up cropped jeans. And seriously, how adorable is her daughter?!

Celebrity model Alessandra Ambrosio wearing Balmain jacket and ripped jeans in Paris with daughter wearing black tutu skirt
Alessandra Ambrosio – Photo credit-GC Images

The Luxe Look ~ Blazer: Balmain // Jeans: One Teaspoon // Bag: Hermes // Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

The Luxe Look Total: $24,588


Now with a few adjustments and a bit of shopping around, I did some digging and found how you can get Alessandra’s luxe look for less!

One thing to note here is that the bag and the jeans are a total steal, but there is a trade off! If Alessandra paid thousands for her bag, she’s going to have craftsmanship that lasts for years. If you pay around $20 for a lookalike bag, that’s amazing…but expect the quality to be comparable to the price. (Although I usually find Aldo makes pretty great quality.) I love finding steals and I do shop at these sites. I just don’t want my readers to have false expectations!


The Luxe Look for Less ~ Blazer: Missguided // Jeans: ASOS // Bag: Aldo // Shoes: Wild Diva

The Luxe Look for Less Total: $132



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  1. I always enjoy your blog! Just a comment on this look–love the blazer and shoes but I just cannot get the ripped jeans look–I didn’t embrace it as a young adult and don’t find it appealing now. But, I’d love to know your thoughts on the look–why you feel it has appeal? Just trying to understand the popularity of it all. Thanks!

    • Good question! I love both for different types of styles I’m going for. Sometimes I want more distressed jeans for an edgy look. For the same reason that some people find well worn leather visually attractive. The holes at the knees dress the look way down and give it an edgy personality. And I’ve always loved and encouraged using fashion as a way of personal expression. \n\nAt 12, I really wanted to wear bellbottoms, but it wasn’t a trend yet so I couldn’t just buy a pair. So I ripped up my old set of Rainbow Bright sheets and made them with the help of dear old Dad. While some people raved over the look asking me to make some for them, others just didn’t get it. \n\nAnd that’s when I really learned that everyone is going to have an opinion, and you might as well just go with what speaks to you. I admit that I ignore entire trends that I don’t vibe with! 😊

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