Taking inspiration from the dream catcher, the Temperley London Resort 2017 collection felt very craftwork bohemian. In an era full of photoshop perfection and the expectation that if it’s not 100, it’s not good, this collection was absolutely charming. It’s obviously not intended for those looking to be anything like a Kardashian, but those who seek more character and artistry.Blonde girl model wearing Temperley London blue cutout lace dressThe looks bridged the current boho midi and maxi trend with Native American inspired prints, but there was also a folksy motif in some of the patterns that felt more Bavarian than Native American.

The black midi coat spoke just as much dreamy mandala as it did dream catcher. With all of these cross culture references (whether intended or not), the collection took a creative, albeit understated round-the-world perspective on the peasant bohemian trend.

From there, it was a quick turn to Temperley’s more well-known evening looks in mostly pink pastels. There were a few wispy gowns with giant embroidered dream catchers in soft blue and blush. A few sleek looks like a drop waist satin dress and a sequin flare-leg jumpsuit. There was also a stellar black and plush geometric cold-shoulder and faux cutout gown with a slightly high-low hemline. Yes, yes, and yes.




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