Mischa Barton certainly isn’t having an easy go of things lately. Between her tone deaf bikini clad, sipping champagne on a yacht instagram post lamenting the death of Alton Sterling, or the battle with her mother to sell their co-owned $7M home…it’s not smooth sailing for her right now.

Mischa Barton - Photo-LA MLS - The Luxe Lookbook
Mischa Barton’s Home – Photo-LA MLS

We’ve all been there. Well, not exactly there on a yacht getting paid to wear a ridiculously gorgeous bikini, living the ultra luxe life. But I think, at one point in our lives, we’ve all made a misstep, out of touch with reality, or so absorbed in our own world that we don’t realize that we are incredibly lucky and should just stop talking before our foot goes further into our mouth.

Mischa Barton - Photo-Instagram - The Luxe Lookbook
Mischa Barton – Photo-Instagram

I would say I hope she’s learning her lesson of humility, humanity, genuine compassion, and using her platform more honestly, but then I saw her follow up post. Nothing says contrition and attempting to be more down to earth quite like going on a topless jaunt in Mykonos. Maybe she’s still working on that!

Mischa Barton - Photo-Instagram - The Luxe Lookbook1
Mischa Barton – Photo-Instagram

At least over couture week in Paris, she got to enjoy the fun part of her rise to fame. Mischa attended the Bulgari Celebration of Magnificent Inspirations, The New High Jewellery Collection, wearing this gorgeous outfit. How perfect did she look?!

Mischa Barton - Photo credit-Getty Images - The Luxe Lookbook
Mischa Barton – Photo credit-Getty Images


Mischa Barton - Photo credit-Getty Images - The Luxe Lookbook1
Mischa Barton – Photo credit-Getty Images




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  1. I saw her on the last season of Dancing with the Stars and she was the worst ever. Not only dancing-wise but personality and attitude. She acted like she was too good for it all and wouldn’t even try to dance. She acted like she was doing everyone a favor by being there. Um if you didn’t want to do it then just say no and don’t get paid for it!

    • Wow, that’s pretty shocking considering her level of fame. I guess it the little attention she got went to her head pretty quick? That would explain the total lapse in judgment on her Instagram post.

      • Very unprofessional. They would do the interview before the judges’ scores and she would say little and then her low scores would be announced and instead of continuing the interview she would walk off! I definitely think she thinks she’s very famous and cannot be bothered. If you search on YouTube for her on Dancing With the Stars you can find some clips! lol

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