Some of our favorite celebs have appeared at Comic-Con this year, of course looking on point. Comic-Con used to be known as the place to secretly let your nerd flag fly, but over the last decade that’s definitely changed.

Now, it’s a Con of epic proportions, with major celebrities as well as cosplayers bringing their A-games. So if the celebs are being shown up by cosplayers…well…they better bring it.

So let’s review who’s been wearing what outfits….


 Anna Kendrick

Anna and I are kindred spirits. Short frames, so we have to be careful with dresses like these…but I think she pulled it off.

Anna Kendrick - Photo - The Luxe Lookbook
Anna Kendrick – Photo


Kristen Bell

Perfect outfit for a Comic-Con. Fun, approachable, not over-dressed, but still stylish. A+! And bonus point for the vintage Disney. Walt would approve.

Kristen Bell - Photo credit-celebzee - The Luxe Lookbook
Kristen Bell – Photo credit-celebzee


Cara Delevingne

Also a great outfit – Resort DSquared that hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and a DSTLD tee. LOVE the shoes.

Cara Delevingne - Photo credit-Vince - The Luxe Lookbook
Cara Delevingne – Photo credit-Vince


Katharine McPhee

Fantastic dress, love the pattern, may be a little too much for some of those fan boys to handle.

Katharine-McPhee - Photo - The Luxe Lookbook
Katharine-McPhee – Photo


Emma Roberts

Sizzling. Emma Roberts was hot, probably in a couple of ways. With the bombshell vixen motif a longstanding tradition in the comic arena, this was bound to be a winning look amongst the fans. But even without the backdrop of the comic world, I still like the vintage-inspired bodycon thing she’s got going on with this look.

Emma Roberts - Photo credit-FameFlyNet - The Luxe Lookbook
Emma Roberts – Photo credit-FameFlyNet



Lauren Cohan

And the winner in my book of Comic-Con so far, is Lauren Cohan. Perhaps I’m biased as a The Walking Dead fan, but doesn’t she look fantastic in this?

Lauren Cohan - Photo credit-Vince - The Luxe Lookbook
Lauren Cohan – Photo credit-Vince




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