Celebrating its 90th anniversary, Fendi went all out with a runway at the famed Trevi Fountain, with a see-through plexiglass catwalk over the cascading water of the fountain’s pools.

Fendi Fall 2016 Couture Fashion Show at the Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy

If the location wasn’t stunning enough the workmanship of the collection certainly put the runway show over the edge into the realm of epic and history-making in the world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld took fur to new heights in the show titled “Legends and Fairytales”, taking inspiration from East of the Sun and West of the Moon, a 1914 book of fairy tales illustrated by Danish artist Kay Nielsen that Lagerfeld read as a child.

The essence of the collection reads as a modern day adult version of the princess dream life. Fantasy clothing that seems too magical to be real worn by momentary “princess” models, including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Yet while the models were certainly getting some limelight, the real stars of this show were the ateliers behind the stunning creations.

Graphic castles, flora and fauna, as well as forest scenes were lifted from the fabled stories and translated into stunningly weightless fur looks. A 5,000 hand-cut hole pink lamb “lace” dress; a magical forest mosaic coat created with tiny squares of mink that took 1,200 hours to make; “hand-cut” flowers sheared by hand, carved into individual petals, and appliqued onto lace and shear dresses as well as coats.

Everything was stunning, intricately worked, yet light and delicate at the same time. Absolutely fit for a princess.



  1. This collection is absolutely stunning! Pure couture! I’ve never seen better from Fendi. I especially love the little blue coat. I am curious to see what string of this collection will weave its way into ready to wear. It strikes me as having the same fearless beautiful quality as Dolce and gabbana’s last few years–refreshing!

    • I know! I just keep staring at some of these in awe. I can’t even imagine the excitement in the room when the design team was working on this concept.

    • I agree! The concept was fantastic, and I’m just amazed at their execution. The things that fashion house can do are just extraordinary and stunning!

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