Will athleisure really ever go out of style? It’s pretty much the new jeans and a t-shirt, but now the A-game’s been brought by enough other people that you can’t just walk out of your place looking like a bum anymore (although I’ve seen some of you do it. Get it, girl. Go on with your bad self.) Thank all that is holy I survived my showing up to class in PJ’s (yes, I definitely did this) phase when people were still too bashful to post pics of other people on social media. Victory!

Karlie Kloss is definitely one of the current social media fashion A-gamers I’m talking about. Even when she’s dressed down, she’s on point. Exhibit A: This week she stepped out in literally a t-shirt, white pleat tennis midi skirt, and sandals and she. looks. flawless.Celebrity model Karlie Kloss in white pleat tennis skirt and mirror sunglasses

Celebrity model Karlie Kloss in white mirror sunglasses and blue t-shirt
Karlie Kloss – Photo credit-Celebs Today


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  1. Molto “fresco” questo look di Karlie. Sempre attuali le fantasie floreali purchè siano sempre delicate e raffinate. Secondo me solo di giorno .

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