Legs for days, this woman. Izabel Goulart was seen leaving her hotel in Rio just killing it with this military inspired outfit by Anthony Vaccarello in the old Army olive drab. The loose fitting zip up top was inspired by the pilot bomber jackets, and her asymmetrical leather panel wrap mini skirt just barely reaches all the nether regions to cover it all.

Izabel Goulart - Photo credit-stalkcelebs.com - The Luxe Lookbook
Izabel Goulart – Photo credit-stalkcelebs.com

I’m honestly shocked that as I was looking through the shots, I didn’t find every single man, woman, and child gawking…because I totally would be (in a good way). Whether I’ve seen it a thousand times or not. I love this outfit, and even though I personally could not ever pull it off, she has the stems to, and I applaud her for it.

Izabel Goulart - Photo credit-stalkcelebs.com - The Luxe Lookbook1
Izabel Goulart – Photo credit-stalkcelebs.com

Interestingly, I think this could have gone the other way for me if she would have paired the skirt with a different top. If it was a crop top or something similar, it could have gone sideways for her. But I think, for my tastes, she balanced it better with the full coverage top.



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