Luxe as Accidental Disney Princess - The Luxe Lookbook10On Saturday we went to the waterfront and explored a gorgeous pagoda, Chinese tea house, and hidden gardens. It was absolutely beautiful, and the sunset cast a warm glow that made the experience by the water tranquil and so inviting. I wanted to stay there forever.
Luxe as Accidental Disney Princess - The Luxe Lookbook6\n\nI love vintage style, and I have a yellow floral embroidered high waist A-line I’d been wanting to wear for a while. So I was thinking of pairing it with something blue. I finally got a top I loved, and I when I put the whole look together I loved it.

But funny story…as a reminder, I’m not a huge Disney lover, so those visuals aren’t going to immediately pop up in my head like you would think. And when I put this outfit on, I came downstairs and my husband said, “You look gorgeous!…Except…I don’t want to say it. Well…You look like one of those Disney characters…you know, one of the princesses…the one that wears blue and yellow?”

At that point, I shrugged it off. Sometimes the hubs is spot on, but I love the pieces, so it’s what I’m wearing, random color reference or not. Except while I was finishing the last touches on my makeup and about to walk out the door, Little Luxe exclaimed, “You look amaaaazzzzing! Like Snow White!”Luxe as Accidental Disney Princess - The Luxe Lookbook4Oh man. At that point, I actually started to panic. But it was too late. We were literally about to walk out, and there was no time to change without making the family miss the sunset, which was the entire point of the trip to the waterfront. So…I went. As an accidental Disney princess, who definitely got a few odd looks, a few heads turned sideways as though they couldn’t quite muster the courage to ask if the reference was intentional. No, it was not.

Noted. Now all I need is a tiara and an apple, right?! At least I now have a future Halloween foundation to build on. πŸ˜…




  1. Cute outfit! I like the mix of bold colors! πŸ˜‰\n\n\n

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