Is the seasonless business of fashion here to stay? We’re in this oddly confusing period where collections are being shown for seasons 6 months away, while other more progressive business-forward brands are selling them now. So the Spring 2017 trends are actually Fall 2016 trends…blended. With the see now, buy now model being announced  by the first major brand of Burberry, many other designers followed suit.

And so here we are in this middle ground. Waiting for the rest of the many designer holdouts to follow so we can all be on one page, one season at a time. And at Spring 17 London Fashion Week, one thing was clear: Burberry has made history with its shift to streamlined runway to storefront, as throngs of shoppers were lined up to buy right after the show.

And the collection to deliver this new model was quite the one to do it – intricate, gender fluid, with Elizabethan and 1920’s touches inspired by the collections muse – Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.


The looks were mostly separates, with striped silk pajama pants with rich belted flared-cuff coats and capes, of course with Elizabethan blouses with frills and ruffs underneath.

There was a brocade mini dress with a sky blue sequin inset that I am absolutely coveting as well as a few fun tops including a mint off the shoulder and this fantastic cream sculptural armor-esque knit. Love.

Of course, there were military officer motifs with braiding, buttons, tassels and jackets. Their versions of this trend are some of the most richly detailed I have seen, and I want them. I want them all. The braiding is done on most of the looks at an angle, creating this great visual texture, there are a few ornately embroidered cuffs adding to this effect, and there is also significantly more use of color here than I’ve seen in other collections’ officer jackets. Look closely at these – so many little creative details to appreciate!

The shearling bomber made an appearance as well as just a few of the Burberry staple trenches, all with an open, relaxed vibe.




  1. I really loved the the Burberry collection! The fabrics alone were lushous.and full of color and texture. \nI was honestly surprised and amazed at how much I enjoyed it. \nxx\n-Jade\n

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