A celebration of hedonistic flesh with a rock and roll spirit, Julien Macdonald‘s latest collection was inspired by his many trips to Africa with the likes of Madonna, Beyonce, and Kanye West…coined Afro-chic. And oh my goodness, va va voom, girl!

Julien Macdonald RTW Spring 2017
Julien Macdonald RTW Spring 2017 – Photo credit – Giovanni Giannoni – WWD

The show started out with the more structured looks of his collection, with bodycon skirtsuits, jumpsuits, and a high waist short and squared off bra top. There was a lot of play with notching shapes, as plunging necklines went in deep rectangles, and skirts were notched both up and down in varying shapes as well. Subtle, but it’s working for me. Several of the looks were also embellished with the nautical gold button motif, but that’s as maritime as Macdonald took it, and that was perfect.

From there, the body hugging crochet dresses emerged, with metallic pops of fringe, then the reptilian leather dress that looks like a continuation of your own body. A drop waist croc print with more cutouts than fabric is trimmed with asymmetric shiny fringe and studded body jewelry…a concept that could go so wrong. But it’s enthralling. Not an RTW piece, but enthralling!

The show finished with several longer looks – though showing just as much skin – that will surely be shown off by several celebs. With more flow, Macdonald was able to achieve a more ethereal flow to the garments, adding a slight bit of romanticism to the sexy rock and roll vibe.  There are also two great black sheer jumpsuits that have this leaf-motif that seams to be crawling up the body and it’s gorgeous. I loved almost everything I saw in this collection!


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