The Alon Livné White runway opened with an off-the-shoulder feathered peplum top over sleek trousers with a giant wide-brimmed hat introduced what promised to be a modernist’s show.

Alon Livne White Bridal Fall 2017
Alon Livne White – Photo by Stephen Lovekin – WWD

And in a flash that aesthetic was gone, ushering in intricately embellished Spanish Art Nouveau-inspired looks that any romantic would die for. Confusing? Absolutely, but at least he filled the perplexed air with pretty…lots of pretty. And did I mention tiaras? (Sidenote: There’s one in here that reminds me of Princess Bride. Cult classic nostalgia!)

The bevy of looks that followed were slinky sheer romantic looks in Spanish lace, highly embellished, but still very bare. There were a few jewel necklines and shoulders, with sophisticated plays on racerfronts that I was swooning over. I loved his detailed corsets – they seem light as air, yet so intricate and flattering. He really has an eye for the female form and a balance between romantic-sensual-sexy. He walks the line between the three, usually very well.

With weightless looks hugging the body as the new bridal trend, Livné‘s sheer looks become daring – almost scandalous depending on whether your grandmother will be attending your wedding. A drooping off-the-shoulder was made to look like it was literally falling off of her skin as though she were disrobing mid-step. One gown had the cutout scalloped bodice, with sheer chiffon thigh-high slits. Oh-la-la, Livné you naught boy. One look was simply a silver embroidered bodysuit with a train – it looked more suited for an acrobatics show rather than a wedding. Crazy!




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