It isn’t a Lagerfeld Chanel runway show without a big concept, and the Spring 17 season, he chose technology. “But with the lingerie, it’s intimate technology!”, noted Lagerfeld.

Chanel – Photo by Alessandro Garofalo –

The show opened with two Chanel tweed-clad models in robot costumes – definitely setting the tone for a we only take ourselves but so seriously collection. I really love Lagerfeld’s playfulness. His bedazzled sunglasses Lagerfeld pom head keychains, his dance party runway in Cuba…it’s all a bit carefree. So of course, it shouldn’t surprise us when we see robots working the runway followed by lingerie in a technology motif. So if I were to guess, he’s speaking to our current era of ladies getting in our underwear ala the Kardashians to get on instagram and snapchat to share photos of ourselves in our most intimate garments via technology? Maybe?

But you know what was weird? The entire execution of the technology concept seemed really…(I love you Lagerfeld and Chanel team)…dated. Like it was a 1980’s version of futuristic technology. Between the large static mainframes with only wires hanging out, no lights, some of the silhouettes, the side-swept hats and choice of prints on them, and really, the color light prints that evoked memories of Lifetouch photo backdrops of late 80’s school photos… it all felt like an already outdated concept of someone’s idea of the future.

That is not to say that I didn’t like the outfits themselves. If you take away the concept of technology and futurism, then the questionable parts are much more palatable. And thankfully, there were many outfits that were gorgeous Chanel creations in a variety of signature tweeds, silks, and chiffons.

The house played with oversized sleeves on crop tops, which I thought worked very well, especially with the volume and texture of fabric choices they used. There were a few stellar bombers including a cream ruffled bomber with grey and pink striping over a pink lace pencil skirt. Love.




  1. Adoro Chanel in tutte le sue sfacettature. Mi piace molto scrivere di lei e della sua Maison sul mio blog

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