So too has Alberta Ferretti climbed aboard the slow moving train toward progress in the business of fashion. Her latest show was a Pre-Fall see-now-buy-now capsule, mashed with her Limited Edition collection, mashed with a few men’s looks thrown in.

The show started with Ferretti‘s Rainbow Week collection with knit days of the week sweaters in candy tones over lace maxis, which were available immediately after the show. This is definitely a new approach for Ferretti, who has always been a high-end classicist in fashion, erring on the side of couture. But, with the business moving toward the youth, perhaps she felt a pressure to change her perspective. The color palette of the sweaters coupled with the lace maxis, I have to admit, are fresh. But the concept of the days of the week read a little flat…and 1990’s done and put to bed. I would have loved to have seen some actual fun, motivating, or even sarcastic phrases instead.

Alberta Ferretti Prefall 2017

From there, the show moved into Alberta Ferretti‘s staple romance, with a few flowing floral chiffons,  a stunning gilded floral column, tulles, intarsia laces, and velvets. A major wow moment came with a duo of the oxford blue robe coats with this fantastic leather embossed effect.

To finish off the runway trifecta, Ferretti‘s Limited Edition collection showed demi-couture looks in monochromatic tones of orange, black and white – yet anything but plain. That’s the chicest Halloween gathering I have ever seen. These were made for the red carpet, for the glamorous sultry type with silk and satin floor length gowns draped by off-the-shoulder furs sweaters.

While some of Ferretti‘s delving into new territory was successful, like the large sculptural ruffles accentuating a couple of the gowns, others were not, including the tight-fitting pseudo-bodycon lace wrapped tightly at the hips ala Kardashian. Still, overall the Limited Edition was overall a stunning collection.



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