I love New Years Eve since it’s a guaranteed night of high glam where everyone can dress to the nines just because! After standing in my closet for an hour (it looks like I bulldozed it), I settled on this new velvet bodycon dress. So why was I staying away from velvet for so long?!

Confession: Even though I was covering how amazing all the models and celebs looked in the latest velvet trend, I was still holding out on doing it myself.luxe-in-black-velvet-the-luxe-lookbook2

There was something that kept making me worry about having flashbacks to bad fashion in the 80’s when I was a kid. You know! There’s retro, and then there’s that ‘oh girl, what are you doing?!’ I was afraid that would be me if I put on velvet. But I saw this dress and I LOVED it, so I figured it’s time to take the velvet plunge.luxe-in-black-velvet-the-luxe-lookbook9-1Seriously, why didn’t you guys tell me about this sooner? It feels amazing. Like the “I could wear this all day as PJ’s” kind of amazing. Plus it hugs all the curves without feeling super constricting. And ya know, it feels good to be complimented every once in a while, and this dress got the compliments.

We shot this in 45 degree weather on NYE, and by the end of it I couldn’t feel my face! But that’s what I love about doing these shoots – we still had a great time (we were laughing way too much between locations), and enjoying the idea that our final day of this crazy year would be doing something ridiculous like trying to get hypothermia.luxe-in-black-velvet-the-luxe-lookbook6
luxe-in-black-velvet-the-luxe-lookbook8Afterwards, we warmed up and rang in 2017 with champagne, fabulous outfits, classic bombshell styling, and great company…so hopefully that’s all we needed to attract Lady Luck our way to give us a little of her fairy dust for the next year. I hope you have an amazing 2017!

Dress: Boohoo // Necklace: Unbranded // Clutch: PrettyLittleThing // Shoes: INC


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    • Thank you so much, Nancie! I really enjoyed styling this one. And panache?! Oh yes! That’s the best compliment I think I’ve had so far! 🙂

  1. So beautiful! Happy New Year! I need to get on the velvet trend train, I’m seeing so many gorgeous ways to style velvet.

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