Giambattista Valli managed to merge both the boho traveler and the princess in a ballgown into one couture collection, and I’m still not quite sure how this all fit together. For his Spring17 Couture runway at Paris Fashion Week, Valli imagined a (super rich) traveler pulling out her dresses to find major creases in them…but hey, you’re traveling. C’est la vie, right? It’s the bohemian, life?

The show opened with relatively simple cream silk tunics and shifts with floral embroideries, trimmed in grey feathers – minimalist for Valli.

A few exclamation moments here like the grey feather mini dress embellished with crystal belts, and the silk mini dress with a major tulle train taking up the full expanse of the runway. That is not a train. That is an entire other dress, love. The romantic in me is dreaming, the realist in me is dying from the weight. And there wasn’t just one, but two. Of course, the minis afterwards had trains that billowed light as air. And on came the procession of major train moments with mini dresses in this stead, and it was so much fun to watch.

A set of high-neck Victorian collar dress looks appeared before the collection swiftly moved into full couture. On the gown side, it was the Valli standard of tulle, silk, lace, and gobs of his house signature mousseline in voluminous princess creations. So odd when so many women are protesting outside in the streets to see such traditional, form-over-function creations in the same culture at the same time. Still, stunning creations.

Valli makes the collection seem both laid back and extravagant at the same time. Paradoxical, perplexing, prrrreeeeetty.


Natori - Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

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