The State of Affairs

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the house of Versace right now, with rumors abound of talks between Donatella and Riccardo Tisci to move over in a jump from Givenchy. And did the need for help show obvious in the latest Versace couture collection? Oh no. Not at all.

The Collection: On Metamorphosis

The collection, centered around the theme of metamorphosis – specifically, the beauty of transformation. The looks were executed in stunningly detailed craftsmanship with a focus on texture and shape within a limited color palette of grey, pink, and silver. Knots, pleats, metal, and organic materials were woven throughout the collection to stunning effect.

Major Elements: Mermaids and Riveting Textures

Mermaid silhouettes were common here, as well as a few sexy short dresses. Several knotting numbers focused on accentuating the feminine frame and dropping the hips, detailed with fringe or feathers. A rose gold plunge mini used metal dangles over an incredible chain mail. Crystals in shades of white, pink, and plum created scales stretching across a halterneck toward the soft pink diagonal ruched center, sliding down into plisse drops. Absolutely stunning.

The Big Moments

A metallic scale ombre fringe moment (with jacket!) brings total awe, followed by a black red carpet ready gown of the same technique with feathers toward the bottom that I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing again soon. There’s even a few sculptural pieces in pleat effect and an oh-my-gah moment of a crazy crystal sculpted hoop skirt under pleat tulle. Yes, I said pleat tulle. They pleated. the. tulle. Can we just take a moment to admire that?

Donatella, I totally support whatever business moves and partnerships you want to make. But please, never stop making clothes this beautiful.



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