He apparently just can’t get it together with this whole idea that there are other people who warrant consideration before making decisions all about himself. Even when someone has fame, money, and power they still don’t operate in a bubble. But Kanye doesn’t understand this, so he decided to hold his Yeezy Season 5 show without consulting the CFDA, the governing council of New York Fashion Week.Last season Kanye did the same thing and staged his what many fashion critics deemed a disastrous Yeezy Season 4 show without consulting with the CFDA. But this wasn’t a big issue, as the show was held a day before NYFW began.


It’s like he showed up (a day early) to Fashion Week and assumed they would revolve things around him rather than, oh say, calling the CFDA and asking to get on the official schedule? They would have accommodated…. I’m slightly curious to know if there’s more to the history here, but knowing that it’s Kanye West, it literally could be that simple. The petulant childishness and refusal to lift a finger and ask to be included. The “I do what I want” mentality.kanye-west-the-luxe-lookbookThis year, however, he pushed his luck too far by announcing that his show (in collaboration with the unfortunate Adidas) is to take place during the official schedule. At the same time as Marchesa‘s show. He literally scheduled himself on top of another designer. And the CFDA said oh hell no. Actually, here was the official statement from Steven Kolb:

“Once again, C.F.D.A. was not approached or consulted about the possibility of Kanye West showing on the official New York Fashion Week schedule. As the scheduler of the week, the C.F.D.A. works with more than 300 brands to identify appropriate times for them to show their collections and avoid scheduling conflicts. Not going through the proper channels is disruptive to the whole week and unfair to designers who have secured spots through the formal procedure. This bad behavior is not acceptable to the C.F.D.A. and should not be tolerated by the industry. Because of this, the C.F.D.A. will not list Kanye West on the official schedule.”

Translation: “WTF? Get over yourself.”steven-kolb-the-luxe-lookbookThank you Steven Kolb, for doing what so many of us have dreamed for doing for such a long time. I hope it felt as good as it sounds. The rest of us are living vicariously through you to put this arrogant self-promoter in his respective place among everyone else. When someone thinks they are above the rest of us, it feels good to see someone stand up to their pompous behavior. And really, after several trainwreck shows and subpar collections, the choice between Yeezy and Marchesa would be a no-brainer. Hey Georgina, we’re on our way boo!

After this news started getting around the fashion community, Kanye called the CFDA president like a big boy saying “he had no intention of showing on top of another designer, and was unaware that there was a conflict”. Right. Well, that doesn’t surprise us coming from somebody who thinks the world always revolves around them. What? There are other designers showing at Fashion Week? Who have time slots? Crazy! zez7loat3ebjpktmhc3pBut to give credit where credit is due, he didn’t dig his heels in, but changed his time slot to avoid stepping on another designer. I’m sure Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are sleeping easier now.




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