Gigi Hadid kicked off the Versus Versace show, and was barely recognizable in a Flock of Seagulls feathered coiff, and dark stripes along her eyes. Walking out to a techno beat, she wore a black high-neck mini dress with rounded shoulders. She was followed shortly by sister Bella, wearing a black cropped jacket with shearling stripes over cropped leather wide-leg pants and combat boots. What followed was a collection of easy urban street pieces with a balance of sexy and Versace‘s version of understated.

The color palette was dark in mostly black, burgundy, and cobalt, with a kind of emo/goth/punk fusion vibe and a fresh sense of humor. A Lisa Frank hued graphic of a couple kissing showed up on a cropped sweater and round-shouldered mini dress, and I can’t help but love this. A white and black sweatshirt mini had a graphic print mix of photographs, faces, and drawings, all appearing ripped out and put together in a muted, actually sophisticated collage print. Reminiscent of high school days and making mix tapes/CD’s (yeah, I’m old school), where you HAD to do legit cover art for your besties.

Women's clothing

Pants were tight and cigarette length with a moderately high waist, though it’s come down a bit this season to just below the navel, which looked fantastic with all the cropped jackets and tops. There was a fantastic bubble quilting of sweaters in a maroon with an ultra-high collar over a leather mini skirt and lace up knee boots. And the neoprene sporty looks from last season? Donatella isn’t done with those yet, and they made a welcomed appearance on the runway in mostly midis.

Metallics came in toward the end of the runway show as well, including a gorgeous sheer metallic purple minidress with a candy twist at the center over black fabric. And just a couple of pops of the Lisa Frank color palette of neon blue or pink fur over chainmail. The chainmail dresses definitely added a sexy element to the mix with tiny minis, or double slits up the legs.

I’m hot and cold for Versace, but this time, it’s definitely hot.


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