I’ve been using mineral makeup for a while because I’m all about having healthier makeup options for my skin. Sometimes it’s a little scary (at least to me it is!) to turn the product over and see what’s listed on the label. I wonder what all those ingredients are doing as they absorb into my pores. So for my everyday makeup, I always tend to gravitate toward a mineral makeup.

So I just tested English Mineral Makeup. I’d never heard of them before, and I was kind of excited to find a new mineral makeup company since there are so few out there, but I really wasn’t expecting much. And surprisingly, this powder foundation topped my go-to Bare Minerals, and that’s a hard feat.

There are so few good quality mineral makeup options out there – especially ones that can match my fair skin tone. But one thing I liked about EMM is that they had my exact skin tone foundation along with about 30 other complexion options. I also loved their blush, but it was really another show stopper product in super secret package that got my attention.


Picking out the makeup was a little dizzying when I saw the options, and I realized I had no idea what my undertone was. Ever since I first got matched up at the makeup counters and shops, I just kept buying the same things and never really paid attention. But it’s not just makeup that it affects – it’s also what color clothes actually look good on you (vs. what you think looks good on you!). So after my clueless experience, let me pass on a few tips that will aid you wherever you’re picking out your foundation.


Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)
Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

How can you tell?
  1. Check your veins. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.  Are they blue or green? If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm. (Warm skin tone tends to look more yellow…yellow + blue = green). Make sense? Hard to tell? You may be neutral toned.
  2. Hair and Eye Color. Typically blue, gray, or green eyes with blond, brown, or black hair are cool toned.  Brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair are usually warm toned.
  3. The Sun Test. When you’re out in the sun, do you get a golden brown goddess tan, or do you turn pink and burn? If you’re in the goddess tan category, the rest of the ladies secretly hate you, and you’re warm-toned. If you turn pink and burn, you are probably cool toned.
  4. The olives of the bunch. Does your skin look a little ashen or grey? You might have the rare yet beautiful olive skin tone, which is a combination of the neutral, slightly yellow undertone plus a greenish hue.
 EMM Options
They have more than what’s listed here now!

So once I figured out my undertone (with a little assistance from EMM – they were so nice!), I ordered some foundation and blush for myself and Little Luxe. And we also got the product I was most excited to try – a translucent highlighter. They call it Fairy Godmother, and it’s a multipurpose powder with crushed pearls. It reflects light, giving the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and a smooth finish, but we also used it as a highlighter. Even though it’s a powder, it also has Jojoba Oil and antioxidants to moisturize your skin. Sounds pretty magical to me. They also have a ton of other products that I haven’t tried out yet like color correctors (in mineral powder!), contour, and body glow.

When the makeup arrived, Little Luxe and I were very surprised. It came all tied up in ribbons with bows, great little dust bags with info inserts with helpful tips along with a sweet note and an adorable little Cinderella carriage charm to go with the Fairy Godmother. So cute. Outer packaging: A+!

As we started to apply the makeup, the one thing that we kept getting caught up on was the mess. With other powder makeup products, there is usually a deep dish for you to swirl your brush and tap excess off. The English Minerals case has a great mirror, and is obviously made of quality material, but does not have a deep dish, so it’s hard to keep the powder from spilling over. It’s minor, but that’s something I’m hoping they improve on in the future.

The English Mineral Makeup

We did Little Luxe’s makeup first, and she’s been having some acne issues lately. (Ok, I know it’s a sensitive subject, but she’s a great sport and was willing to both write about the issue as well as take a totally candid before shot to show how much the product covered up. So proud of this girl!!)

She’s hit those tween years, and her skin is showing it. Haven’t we all been there?! While we’re trying to tackle the acne issue, covering it up can be a challenge, especially when how you cover it up can sometimes only make matters worse. So finding a makeup that is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and nourishes the skin while covering her acne is a major score. Getting rid of the acne? Now that’s a battle mankind has yet to master…especially when teenagers aren’t the most consistent creatures! But Little Luxe was brave enough to let me show you guys how the makeup performed.

The foundation gave full coverage, and her skin looked almost flawless afterwards. I mean, you can barely see her acne here, and I’ve done nothing to the photos. This is all just the makeup. It brightened her skin, smoothed her tone, especially the dark spots under her eyes. (Uh, girl! You are TOO YOUNG to have bags under your eyes!!)

English Mineral Makeup blush, loose powder foundation, kabuki brushes
English Mineral Makeup – The Luxe Lookbook

They come with two application tools – either the sponge pad or a small kabuki brush. We found the kabuki brush gave better coverage while the sponge pad was great for smoothing. Unlike other mineral makeups I’ve tried. the English Mineral powder never caked or looked like you were wearing a ton of makeup. Even with full coverage, it feels light on the skin, and appears smooth and flawless.

English Mineral Makeup model review before and after

I found that with the blush, a little goes a long way. It’s light as air, yet rich in pigment. So we could brush on just a dab of color on the apples of our cheeks, smooth it with the sponge, and the color just popped. But if we wanted a more subtle finish (which we did), we could apply the Fairy Godmother powder as a finishing powder, and it blended flawlessly. I chose the rose blush for my fair skin, which has a satin finish, while Little Luxe chose the deep pink, which has a great glimmer to it. So of course, she loved it. Anything that sparkles!

EMM blush options

As far as a beauty brand goes, this one is definitely getting an A+ from me. Stellar product, lovely people, and great customer service.


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  1. I love the idea of a natural make up that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is so helpful that there is a guide to help you figure out which products go with your skin color! Instructions on how to properly apply this to your skin to achieve the best look is also very helpful

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Thanks Kathy! Yeah, ever since I found mineral makeup, as well as other makeups without harmful chemicals I try to stick to them. SO much better! I love EMM, definitely one of my favorites to actually do a good job in actually matching people’s skin tones.

  2. Looks fantastic. I know what you mean about the mess though. I’m not the most delicate 😉

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