Moschino is a brand that fuses found object pop art with high fashion, and I have to admit that many times, I just don’t want to cover it. So I often don’t. While the looks make great social points and there’s always an anything-but-subtle message about society, culture, what have you, I just can’t reconcile the clothes. I’m thinking back to the McDonalds season, particularly, and I just found it impossible to imagine myself wearing anything with the golden arches branding with a giant, dominant presence on the garment. That said, their phone cases and bags are witty and fantastic, and I have seen some really cute looks from other collections.

But this is the first Moschino collection I’ve seen in quite a while that has struck a better balance between the art, making a clear statement, and being wearable. Thinking about the waste we all create in our current market construct of online ordering, Jeremy Scott showed a collection of cardboard-like skirt suits and coats embellished with shipping tape, Fragile labels, and This Side Up stamps. A mini sweater dress appears as a deconstructed grocery bag over knee boots with the same shipping labels and stamps.

The runway then transitioned into a period devoted to collage work, in this fake it ’til you make it idea inspired by all of us who as teenagers ripped pages out of our fashion magazines, creating similar looks on our own with very limited resources. In this version, the looks ripped out of the magazines were blown up and printed on the fabric…making me think of the tux t-shirt. Completely relatable and in far from elitist. It recognizes and nods to all of those young designers or fashionistas and fashionistos who do not have everything handed to them, but still make their own way in the style department.

I love this message. And I just want to loudly clap and say to any Luxe readers who may be struggling to find their own way…. Be you. Be absolutely you, even if you don’t know what that is yet. Because even if you aren’t instagram famous, or have a ton of money to look like the people in the magazines, or feel confident about your looks as compared to others in the media…who cares? It’s all curated. Much of it is airbrushed, staged, and faked. But you are real, and beautiful, and irreplaceable. Your face, your smile, your homemade or vintage or thrift store style. It is unique, and it is what makes you distinct, even if there are people around you who don’t get it. Jeremy Scott of Moschino gets it. But really you’re the only one who needs to get it to make you happy.
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The final section of the show was devoted to party dresses and gowns that could have been from the unconventional materials challenge on Project Runway. They appeared to be made from household found items like bubble wrap, a fantastic mini shoulder cap sleeve from dry cleaning paper, a rug, trash bags, shower curtains… The amount of found object trash art is dizzying. Some of it is a little over the top, but that’s Moschino in general. But one thing I can say is this, like all of Moschino collections is fresh, fun, playful, and thought provoking.


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