La Perla‘s creative director Julia Haart explained that the clothes of the Fall 2017 collection not only come in dress sizes, but also cup sizes, if that gives you any idea of their focus. Haart took inspiration from British gardens, describing them as riotous compared to perfectly manicured French gardens. She then divided them thematically into chambers of a British manor – the foyer, the study, the terrace of course, and so on.

La Perla slip dress
Yannis Vlamos – Indigital

The resulting collection was sensuous to say the least. Slip dresses were a staple in the collection, complemented by lace and little pops of embroidery. Naomi Campbell opened the show in one of them – a blue mini slip dress embellished in black lace, with a blue tweed robe overcoat.

Separates were tight-fitting, including a high-waist pant and bra top – a continuation of the 2017 trend seen in some of the Spring collections. In the study, these were in the form of plaid, with some being more successful than others. I was surprisingly a fan of the nude leather cropped skinny pant and jacket combo with built-in bra. But then came the black version with lace stripes down the pants and lace flounce sleeves, which felt costume-y.

Some of the most exciting looks were the plays on print, with mini slip dresses in painted and lace blooms, a black playsuit with just a touch of lace on the bodice along with blue and honey wheat florals, and the collage work floral print dresses.

Kendall Jenner closed the show with a fantastic metallic gold lace dress, encrusted with beads, crystals, and embroidered. A stunning closer.

Kendall Jenner in La Perla gown
Yannis Vlamos – Indigital


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