When you get an invitation to a New York Fashion Week show hosted by Bill Nye with Buzz Aldrin modeling, how can you say no? Is this for real?!

Yes. Yes it was. Even better, the show wasn’t just narrated by Nye; America’s favorite TV scientist also collaborated with Graham in designing the bow ties of the collection. And science nerds are in (as they should be). During a time in our culture when escapism is on the rise, Nye was teaching us about the possibility of breaking out of this crazy world we live in for a fresh new start…on Mars. The collection was entitled Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035, as that is the estimate that Buzz Aldrin envisions we’ll be taking humans to the red planet. Graham explained, “Mars is the new black, and we want to be on trend.”

Upon entering the dark show space, we were led to stand all on one side of the runway as galactic footage splayed across the opposite wall, and modern otherworldly instrumentals along with recordings of astronauts talking to ground control heightened the anticipation.

Bill Nye entered, giving a riveting lecture on how life could exist on Mars, noting too that we are all made of stardust. Pretty heady philosophical meets scientific talk so early in the morning before I’ve had my coffee. But it was a rousing monologue, as are all of the Science Guy’s lectures.

Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17
Janice Yim-Getty

The show then kicked off with the collection’s only women’s look – an icy silver matte bomber over slim black pants. The matte metallic combo was definitely working for me.From there it was a bevy of shiny metallic slim-fit suiting for men…almost a late 50’s/early 60’s take on what the eligible bachelor would wear if hosting cocktail parties on Mars. Inspired by the Apollo astronaut space suits worn by Aldrin in the late 60’s, Graham focused on well-tailored classic silhouettes with anything but ordinary prints, colors, and finishes. There were several shades of silver sharkskin suits, as well as houndstooth, a cheeky mustache print (with matching smoking slippers), a rocket print, plaids, and of course those bow ties to finish the looks.

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The styling was on point – white and silver hair, seriously heavy duty goggles, and a few long scarves (to shield you from the blowing sands). Everything in the collection had a utility – these were not form over function creations, but a well-thought out and wittily crafted series of survival meets panache looks.

Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17
Janice Yim – Getty

Personal favorites were the blue diamond quilted jacket with an imperial collar, the all-blue suit with blue turtleneck and polka dot button down, the mustache tux (of course), the paisley pants with red jacket, and the black and white striped jacket.

Certainly a bit far out, the collection reads confident and well-tailored with just a hint of kooky (in a good way). The show closed with Buzz Aldrin working his magic down the runway, stopping every so often to show off a few moves to the crowd’s delight. He wore his own metallic silver bomber, black trousers and silver kicks, shuffling along to the music with a smile and a few winks. He was followed by an encore walk of Bill Nye. I think it’s safe to say I’ll never forget this show.

Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17
Janice Yim – Getty

Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17

Nick Graham NYFW Men's F/W '17
Janice Yim – Getty





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