Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have celebrated motherhood before with mamas and babies walking the runway, but this time, they decided to go further. And the timing is kind of perfect. During a period of major shows talking about women’s empowerment, feminine strength, and female unity, here we have Dolce & Gabbana creating a total inclusion moment. Not just mothers and daughters, but fathers, friends, siblings, everyone together in a celebration of D&G style – energy, fun, a party on the runway really. Kind of genius, and a really good time.

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The clothes in this collection were noticed, but in a completely different way. The everyday people models got to pick out their own pieces, and therefore it all felt much less curated. Not as haute perhaps, but warm, personable, more relatable. And I mean, they got to wear the most gorgeous gold crowns and scrumptious looks with the typical amount of Dolce & Gabbana embellishments. The clothes this season were even more playful and non-serious than usual while still holding their opulent flare as ever.

Animal prints both literal and the images of animals made their way onto everything from coating to handbags. I was excited when I thought I spotted grumpy cat, but it was just a look-a-like, not grumpy. There were also some delicious Italian bella donna moments like the sensuous bodycons covered in ruched sheer or lace. I’m pretty much in love with with the black crop top embellished with a gold sequinned breastplate, with ruby hearts surrounded by gold starbursts. And while we’re at it, just give me that high waist pencil skirt with the black sequin belting at the top as well…need!

They had a series of t-shirts with Justin Bieber’s face on them…and I definitely did not see that coming. There were florals, rich embroideries, graffiti, fur and feathers, metallics, even outer space motifs. There was a sleek clear bomber jacket with a silver metallic neckline and cuffs over a sheer midi dress that I’m just gaga over. I mean, this collection literally had everything for everybody. And as dizzying as the looks were, the party vibe, the big smiles on the models wearing what they felt good in…it definitely seems like Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are tapping into something very special.


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