Every year I always get really excited for Spring time – the great fashion shows, the warmer weather, being outdoors again…it all feels SO good. It’s just a really good time for me. But today?! Oh no. Today out of nowhere, with no warning, it started to snow outside. All of my neighbors were coming outside with a big old “what the…?” look on their faces. Because this was not in the forecast at all. And about 3 hours later, I was out in the brisk cold…in my Spring outfit, doing this shoot! How does this keep happening?! Looks like a warm Spring day…totally not! I have the craziest luck with these shoots, and I have to laugh at how many times I’ve been caught in freezing weather so far. It’s becoming a Luxe tradition. But imagine if you will, warm weather.

For Spring this season, the statement sleeves are a fun trend that anyone with any silhouette can look great in. From ruffles and cutouts to flounces and tied bows, it’s all out there, and you’re bound to find something you love in this genre. I opted for a couple of cool tone monochrome looks so that the tied bow embellishments weren’t overpowered.

I LOVE these wide leg pants. The bow adds the perfect pop, and they are seriously the perfect fit. I’m really, REALLY petite, and finding (cute, not old lady) pants that fit length-wise is almost impossible. But these, I literally ordered, tried on the first time, and they fit like a glove. Um, LOOOOOOVE!



The Look ~ Blouse: Topshop // Pants: Topshop // Bag: Boohoo // Shoes: Jessica Simpson



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