The swim designers are putting out some major wow pieces this year, and I’m finding myself hitting the Buy Now button a little bit more than I was expecting this year. Take a look at some of my favorite finds!

The Rash-kini

The rash guard keeps getting more stylish, and designers have been getting the clue. Girls like playing sports and looking cute at the same time. So a great surf rash guard – bikini combo is the best of both worlds.


This crafty look is still on trend, and this season swimwear designers are taking it to new heights with new designs and a few amped up color palettes.



High Waist

This look isn’t just for those going for the vintage bombshell anymore. Motifs vary from sporty to artsy to total chic, and total bonus: if you gained a pound or two, these suits will hide it so much better.



There are a lot of cut options for the sporty girls. This season, designers made quite a few really flattering pieces for the lean ladies.



This fashion trend has been making its way to the swim arena, and the latest creations are so flirty and flattering – pretty much anyone can pull them off. For those with more bust, designs that are tight under the bust like the Maaji version below will be more likely to keep your girls in place!

Deep Plunge

The deep plunge is back for another season and it’s as sexy as ever. These designers created wide V’s, cages, and zip downs to get the sultry skin pop.




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