Held in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Gucci Resort 2018 collection was anything but ordinary. Another adventure in maximalism, Alessandro Michele showed his creations to the likes of Elton John, Kirsten Dunst, Dakota Johnson, and Jared Leto in the same corridors the Medicis used to traverse in secret. Oh, the intrigue.

Gucci Resort 2018 Designer Fashion Runway Collection
Giovanni Giannoni-WWD

And in that light, the sub-text of the collection hit the rich and romantic notes of the Italian Renaissance. Gilded wreaths and crowns adorn the heads of models along with pearls interwoven into their locks, juxtaposed with an eastern vibe of turbans, head scarves, and even an Egyptian headdress. And that’s just the headwear.


A fur-trimmed cape was inlaid with a gold GG pattern while another is completely bedecked in gold sequins. A white column tunic dress is outlined in black sequins, creating a painted draping effect like a comic book. Very interesting. A pink and blue color block high-neck dress had a long cape that created a square shoulder, and really set off that hourglass shape along with the triple tiers of crystal bow belts. There were a few sheer/chiffon moments, including a trio of sherbet tinged layers and a black sheer tunic number, outlined in metallic gold sequins. A brocade faux-corset mini dress had a French cut square neck, puff shoulders and ruffle sleeves. But what I really love about the look? The pearl-laden “Guccy” that they affixed to her neck as her accessory.


But of course, Michele couldn’t stop with just one inspiration. No, he drew from pretty much every decade, and the runway read like a buffet of style. There were 70’s style long-collar button downs with a suit jacket in wild floral patterns in purple, green, yellow and blue. A green leather pencil dress has a built-in cropped jacket with high and shallow pockets that screams 90s power dressing. And I kind of love it. A major 80’s moment comes by way of a blue and red bodysuit with iridescent toned Hammer pants. No joke.


It’s what Gucci is now, and it’s why Gucci has such a strong following. It’s playful, fun, and absolutely nerdy.


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      I think that’s Michele’s signature! Rich in texture, Loud in pattern and color, definitely singing “I’m only living once, so here I am, world!”. It’s taken me a while to understand him, even longer to warm up to him.

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