Nicolas Ghesquière of the fashion house Louis Vuitton has turned his latest apparel collection into an ode to Japan. Ghesquière has a long history with Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, who dreamed up the kabuki, and was the inspiration behind many of David Bowie’s stage outfits. So there is a personal connection greater than just inspiration for Ghesquière.

The resulting collection leans forward – way forward – in a risk taking dare of cuts, prints, layers, color combos, and and just a tinge of badassery. I love the crisp collared menswear shirting under well-tailored but wild suede, leather, crocodile, fur, and animal print jackets.

Patterns and colors are dense and rich, with kabuki prints making a direct appearance a few times. A few cammo looks came in red or blue options with the craziest lace up, pointed toe boots that I want to buy yesterday. And dreamy moments came by way of loosely fitting handkerchief hem dresses with leather racer front bib crops. The wow moment breezed in with the black lace embroidered in gold with mini silver leaves. So gorgeous, and definitely nothing I’ve seen before.

There were several jackets with woven and twisted leather that looked like a fresh take on Samurai armor. If Samurai fighters were to go clubbing in Tokyo. Rounded shoulders appear on several structured blazers toward the end, and you can’t help but smile at how fun they look. The whole collection is full on energy.


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